Enhanced UVC

Enhanced UVC

When it comes to diversified IP surveillance applications with greater resolutions, the critical bit rate production and bandwidth consumption are always the first priority for every user to carefully deal with, especially for the imminent advent of leading-edge 8K UHD surveillance devices.

Messoa, in view of the trend, has dedicated a great deal of resources to eventually fulfil the cutting-edge Enhanced UVC (Ultra Video Codec), the proprietary technology that strikes a balancing compromise between better image quality and higher bit rate, thus perfectly providing worldwide users with the over-expectation benefits for all-dimensional video surveillance applications 24/7.

Our company proudly, via Enhanced UVC, promises dynamic regions of interested with critical information the far-crystal image quality, whereas intelligently smooth rest of the scenes with less critical contents, e.g., static background, to present a most credible yet economical solution for video streams. The eminent advantages by Enhanced UVC, again, can be concentrated as follows:


  • Seamlessly integrate with the futuristic era of 8K Ultra High Definition resolutions
  • Impressive saving in both bit rate productions and internet bandwidth exploitations
  • Mitigate the arduous workload for both encoding and decoding tasks by image processor for video streaming
  • Dynamically applicable to a variety of ever-demanding applications 24/7 worldwide